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High School Counselors

Admitted Sutdents

Mar 20, 2020

Fall 2020 Admit Stats

Congratulations to Your Admitted Students!   We encourage accepted students to begin completing the New Student Checklist, which serves as a step-by-step guide for everything that needs to be done… 

Memorial Belltower

Jan 24, 2020

Submit Senior Grades by March 1

When we review applications, we find some applicants with very strong credentials who are admitted, others who aren’t competitive enough for admission, and a large number that may benefit from… 

Student showing wolfie hand sign

Jan 23, 2020

Information Regarding Early Action Decisions

We greatly appreciate all your work in helping students navigate the application process Now that decisions have been released, we wanted to share the decisions your students will receive. Early… 

Student studying

Jan 23, 2020

Pack ASSIST: A Student Scholarship Interactive Search Tool

NC State offers a one-stop shop for students to apply for University Scholarships. Students who wish to be considered for general scholarship opportunities must submit an application via Pack ASSIST. Applications… 

Court of North Carolina

Sep 12, 2019

NC State Counselor Advisory Board

NC State is proud to welcome 10 counselors to our Counselor Advisory Board. These counselors will work with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions on various topics related to college admission to… 

Pack on the Prowl

Sep 12, 2019

Pack on the Prowl

Check out where NC State is traveling! Our office is excited to get on the road for fall travel and look forward to meeting with you and many of your students.… 

Reynolds Coliseum

Sep 12, 2019

NEW! Counselor Information Session at Open House

We are inviting school counselors to attend Open House on Saturday, October 19! The NC State Office of Undergraduate Admissions will host an information session led by Jon Westover, Associate Vice… 

Wolf Statue

Sep 12, 2019

Application Information for Fall 2019

Early Action Deadline – November 1 NC State’s first deadline is coming up – encourage your students to apply early! Applicants who apply Early Action will receive priority consideration for scholarships,… 

May 17, 2019

Fall 2020 Application Updates

The NC State Office of Undergraduate Admissions is excited to announce two significant changes to our 2020 admissions process that will provide greater access to future applicants. Starting with the upcoming… 

March Decision

Mar 25, 2019

Video Series: March Decision Release

Watch the video to learn more about regular decision release and what the next steps are for Spring Connect students and students on the waitlist.