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Submit Senior Grades by March 1

When we review applications, we find some applicants with very strong credentials who are admitted, others who aren’t competitive enough for admission, and a large number that may benefit from the opportunity to provide updated grades and test scores who are deferred until final review in March. These students have been notified that they are deferred until final review and will receive a final admission decision on March 30.

We ask that students who are deferred until final review let us know whether or not they would like to continue to be considered for admission to NC State by submitting the “Final Review Consideration” form on their wolfPAW account. They should indicate that they plan to submit additional academic information and submit their senior grades and/or self-report any improved test scores by March 1. Students must submit their senior grades to be considered during final review. An official transcript is not required.

We encourage you to submit students senior grades through one of the following ways:

  • Encourage your student to upload their senior grades on their wolfPAW account.
  • Upload through the Common Application or the Coalition Application, Naviance, CFNC or another certified transcript service.
  • Upload on You can learn more about creating a account here.

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