What Does “Deferred for Final Review” Mean?

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Copper Wolf Statue

Now that you’ve received your admission decision that you are deferred until final review, you may have a few questions. What’s next? How do I stand out? When will I get my final decision? We’ve provided answers to all of these questions below to help you navigate your next steps.

Admission to NC State is highly selective. For the Fall 2018 freshman class, we admitted 46% of the 30,000 applications received.

When we review applications, we find some applicants with very strong credentials who are admitted, others who aren’t competitive enough for admission, and a large number that may benefit from the opportunity to provide improved fall grades and test scores who are deferred until final review in March. If your decision is deferred, speak to your counselor about submitting your mid-year grades to our office by March 1st.

How likely is it that I will be accepted during final review?

We can’t tell you how many applications will be accepted during final review this year or how likely it is that you will be accepted. It will depend on your academic credentials in comparison with the rest of the applicant pool.

What happens next?

You should speak to your counselor about submitting your mid-year grades. If you have additional SAT or ACT scores, contact the testing agency to request that they send them. Any additional test scores you would like to be considered in your decision for final review must be received by March 1st. You can view which scores have been received by our office on your wolfPAW account.

When we review your application during final review in March, we will consider your updated academic information as part of our holistic review. If we are unable to accept you in your first choice major, you will automatically be considered for your second choice. Applicants who receive an admission decision during final review can be accepted, denied, or placed on a waiting list in case additional space in the freshman class becomes available.

What can I do to improve my chances of being accepted?

You can improve your chances of being accepted by providing improved grades and/or test scores.

If I retake the SAT/ACT before March 30, will NC State accept my new scores?

We cannot guarantee that the February ACT test scores will be received in time to be considered in final review decisions. If we receive your test scores by the time we review your application, we will certainly consider them. You can view which scores have been received by our office on your wolfPAW account. Please send any test scores we do not have on file by the end of February.

Can I find out sooner if I change my major?

If you request a different major, you will still have to wait until March 30 to receive an admission decision. To request a major change, email our office at undergrad-admissions@ncsu.edu from the email address on your application and include your name, date of birth and requested major.

Would it help if I sent recommendation letters or scheduled an interview?

We do not offer evaluative interviews. Sending letters of recommendation and visiting campus to express your interest in attending NC State are not factors we are able to consider when making final decisions.

Is there increased competition in the application process depending on when I apply?

We take many factors into consideration in our review process regardless of your decision plan. There is no disadvantage for applicants who apply early and have their admission decision deferred until final review.

If you have further questions about your application status, contact Undergraduate Admissions at undergrad-admissions@ncsu.edu. Your email should come from the email address listed on your application and provide your complete name and date of birth.