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Credit Opportunities

Get a jump start on your college requirements and make sure the college-level courses you take will transfer to NC State.

Transferable Credit

Make the most of your time and cut down on your degree requirements by making sure the courses you take at another university or college apply towards your degree at NC State. Search our extensive database to get an idea of the credits you may bring to NC State or to make sure the classes you select will transfer.

  • An official evaluation of your credits will not be completed until you apply and submit your official transcript. A transfer credit summary will be available to admitted transfer students.
  • Newly enrolled first-year students taking dual enrollment courses in high school or attending an early college should submit an official final college transcript by July 15. We will then evaluate your courses and apply transferable credit towards your degree.
  • During the semesters associated with COVID-19 (spring 2020 – summer 2021), NC State will honor Pass/Fail (or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) grades from any regionally accredited institution. During the application process, Pass/Fail grades will be reviewed but will not be calculated into the applicants cumulative GPA, which we consider in the application review process.
  • Transfer credit will be awarded for a “Pass” final grade.
  • No transfer credit will be awarded for a “Fail” final grade.
  • Consistent with our current policy, if students choose to keep their letter grades, courses with a C- or higher will be eligible for transfer credit.
  • A course-by-course evaluation for each applicant will be conducted of all courses to determine transfer ability and if credit will be awarded at NC State for each transferable course as an elective or direct equivalency.
  • Each academic department determines how these credits are awarded to a students degree plan if they enroll.

Understanding Your Transfer Credit

  • Credits must be from a regionally accredited institution
  • To meet admissions criteria, you must receive a grade of a C- or higher
  • NC State courses in the database marked as *** transfer to NC State as elective credits

Earning Credits

Taking Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and International Baccalaureate (IB) exams and A-levels in high school will provide you a jump start on your college requirements.

We don’t use exam scores in the first-year application review process, but we encourage you to submit your official scores once you confirm your enrollment to receive credit. AP exam scores may be used to meet the recommended courses for transfer applicants.

Learn about the recognized test curriculum, accepted test scores and credit awarded for the following exams:

Transferring credits from a non-U.S. university?

We are unable to determine how many of your credits will transfer to NC State when you apply. If you are admitted and choose to enroll at NC State, your academic department will then determine how many of your non-U.S. university credits will transfer towards your degree.

You will need to have a course-by-course evaluation completed by World Education Services (WES) and have it submitted to our office.