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International Baccalaureate (IB)

NC State only grants course credit for the IB exams and scores listed in the chart below. These policies are subject to change as NC State conducts periodic reviews of all placement and credit policies. You should contact your academic advisor or department with specific questions about course credit.

IB exam scores will not be used in the admission review process, but you may receive credit towards your degree once enrolled.

Courses marked with *** transfer to NC State as an elective credit.

IB CourseMinimum ScoreCreditHours
Arabic B (Higher Level)4FLA 1023
Arabic B (Higher Level)6FLA 2013
Arabic B (Higher Level)7FLA 201 and FLA 2026
Arabic B (Standard Level)5FLA 1023
Art and Design (Higher Level)1-7Evaluated on an individual basis. Contact the College of Design.
Arts: Film (Higher Level)4ENG 2**3
Arts: Film (Standard Level)5ENG 2**3
Arts: Theatre (Higher Level)4THE 1033
Arts: Theatre (Standard Level)5THE 1033
Biology (Higher Level)4BIO 1814
Biology (Higher Level)6BIO 181 and BIO 1838
Biology (Standard Level)5BIO 105 and BIO 1064
Business and Management (Higher Level) 4BUS ***3
Business and Management (Standard Level)5BUS ***3
Chemistry (Higher Level)4CH 101 and CH 1024
Chemistry (Higher Level)6CH 101, CH 102, CH 201 and CH 2028
Chemistry (Standard Level)5CH 1114
Chinese B (Higher Level)4FLC 1023
Chinese B (Higher Level)6 FLC 2013
Chinese B (Higher Level)7FLC 201 and FLC 2026
Chinese B (Standard Level)5FLC 1023
Computer Science (Higher Level)4CSC 1103
Computer Science (Standard Level)5CSC 1103
Design Technology (Higher Level)1-7Evaluated on an individual basis. Contact the College of Design.
Economics (Higher Level)4EC ***3
Economics (Higher Level)5EC 201 and EC 2026
Economics (Standard Level)5EC ***3
Economics (Standard Level)6EC 201 and EC 2026
English A: Language and Literature (Higher Level)4ENG 101 and ENG 2207
English A: Language and Literature (Standard Level)5ENG 100 and ENG 2207
English A: Literature (Higher Level)4ENG 2203
English A: Literature (Standard Level)5ENG 2203
French B (Higher Level)4FLF 1023
French B (Higher Level)6FLF 2013
French B (Higher Level)7FLF 201 and FLF 2026
French B (Standard Level)5FLF 1023
German B (Higher Level)4FLG 1023
German B (Higher Level)6FLG 2013
German B (Higher Level)7FLG 201 and FLG 2026
German B (Standard Level)5FLG 1023
Greek B (Higher Level)4GRK 1023
Greek B (Higher Level)6GRK 2013
Greek B (Higher Level)7GRK 201 and GRK 2026
Greek B (Standard Level)5GRK 1023
Hindi B (Higher Level)4FLN 1023
Hindi B (Higher Level)6FLN 2013
Hindi B (Higher Level)7FLN 201 and FLN 2026
Hindi B (Standard Level)5FLN 1023
History (Higher Level)5HI 2GEP3
History (Standard Level)5HI 2GEP3
Italian B (Higher Level)4FLI 1023
Italian B (Higher Level)6FLI 2013
Italian B (Higher Level)7FLI 201 and FLI 2026
Italian B (Standard Level)5FLI 1023
Japanese B (Higher Level)4FLJ 1023
Japanese B (Higher Level)6FLJ 201 3
Japanese B (Higher Level)7FLJ 201 and FLJ 2026
Japanese B (Standard Level)5FLJ 1023
Latin B (Higher Level)4LAT 102 3
Latin B (Higher Level)6LAT 2013
Latin B (Higher Level)7LAT 201 and LAT 2026
Latin B (Standard Level)5LAT 1023
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (Higher Level)4MA 1313
Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (Higher Level)5MA 1414
Analysis and Approaches (Standard Level)
5MA 1113
Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation (Higher Level)4MA 1213
Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation (Standard Level)5MA 1GEP3
Persian B (Higher Level)4PER 1023
Persian B (Higher Level)6PER 2013
Persian B (Higher Level)7PER 201 and PER 2026
Persian B (Standard Level)5PER 1023
Philosophy (Higher Level)4PHI 2053
Philosophy (Standard Level)5PHI 2053
Physics (Higher Level)4PY 1314
Physics (Higher Level)5 PY 211 and PY 2128
Physics (Standard Level)5PY 1314
Portuguese B (Higher Level)4FLP 1023
Portuguese B (Higher Level)6FLP 2013
Portuguese B (Higher Level)7FLP 201 and FLP 2**6
Portuguese B (Standard Level)5FLP 102 3
Psychology (Higher Level)4PSY 2003
Psychology (Standard Level)5PSY 2003
Russian B (Higher Level)4FLR 1023
Russian B (Higher Level)6FLR 2013
Russian B (Higher Level)7FLR 201 and FLR 2026
Russian B (Standard Level)5FLR 1023
Social and Cultural Anthropology (Higher Level)4ANT 2523
Social and Cultural Anthropology (Standard Level)5ANT 2523
Spanish B (Higher Level)4FLS 1023
Spanish B (Higher Level)6FLS 2013
Spanish B (Higher Level)7FLS 201 and FLS 202 6
Spanish B (Standard Level)5FLS 1023
Theory of KnowledgeC or higherPHI ***3

Additional Credit Opportunities