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Pack ASSIST: A Student Scholarship Interactive Search Tool

NC State offers a one-stop shop for students to apply for University Scholarships. Students who wish to be considered for general scholarship opportunities must submit an application via Pack ASSIST.

Applications received by February 15 will receive priority consideration.

  • Students who have been admitted for Regular Decision should still apply to be considered for any remaining funds.

A few things to note:

  • If a student changes their major after being admitted, they will need to log back into Pack ASSIST to see if there are any questions they need to answer based on their new major.
  • Students need to complete the general application to be considered for university-wide scholarships.
  • Students will be presented with department specific questions after completing the general application. Students need to answer these questions to be considered for departmental opportunities.
  • There are some scholarships that will need extra information to determine eligibility. These will be presented to students after completing the general application and any applicable departmental questions in the ‘recommended’ opportunity section.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Student Services Center
919.515.NCSU (6278)