Transfer Admissions Advisory Board

Transfer Advisory Board

On December 1st, the NC State Transfer Admissions Advisory Board held their fall meeting on NC State’s main campus. The admissions advisory board is a group of twenty North Carolina community college personnel representing fourteen institutions across the system.  The board will advise the Office of Admissions on various issues related to the college admission process, student recruitment and retention.

Bi-annual meetings provide a forum for discussing current educational trends and learning about University departments and programs. In addition, advisory board meetings provide the University with critical feedback so that we may better serve all students and strengthen relationships with feeder community colleges. The majority of the first meeting focused on a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) exercise and the advisory board provided excellent feedback to NC State staff on ways to strengthen and improve the transfer pathways.

For more information on the admissions advisory board, please email Stacey Davey, Assistant Director of Admissions at

2 responses on “Transfer Admissions Advisory Board

  1. Melissa says:

    My only critique of the transfer pathways is that they indicate a student should take, in the first two years at the community college, calculus I, II, and III. However, before they can take calc 1, they have to pass pre-cal 2 and to even sit in pre-cal 2 they have to pass pre-cal 1. So, the timeline is a little bit screwy unless a student is coming into the community college with pre-cal credit from high school. It would be possible for a student to take pre-cal 1 in the fall, pre-cal 2 in the spring, calc 1 in the summer, calc 2 the following fall and calc 3 that following spring.

    1. Natalie McCook says:

      We appreciate your feedback on the pathways and will take it into consideration. Thanks!

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