CAA Baccalaureate Degree Plans

The following degree plans were developed in order to identify NC community college courses that provide pathways leading to associate degree completion, admission into a major, and baccalaureate completion.

The CAA Community College Pathway Degree Plans were created to assist students at the 58 NC Community Colleges prepare to transfer NC State. The community college courses identified on the following degree plans were selected for inclusion because they both fulfilled requirements for an Associate degree and transferred to NC State University for credit towards a baccalaureate degree.

As a transfer student you will apply directly to a major at NC State. Select the college your major is in to view the degree plan for you to use as a guide while working with your academic advisor.

Not sure which college your major of interest is in? View our list of majors here.

Following a degree plan does not guarantee admission to NC State or guarantee an AA/AS degree or BA/BS degree will be conferred and the courses included in the pathways can change at any time.

NC State is currently working to provide these Baccalaureate Degree Plans in a format that is more compatible with text-to-speech software. If you encounter issues accessing these documents, please contact John Harrington at 919-515-5600 or via email at

Degree Plans

Due to the evolving nature of University curricula, links to some degree plans may be temporarily inactive or unavailable while their content is being reviewed and updated. Please direct questions regarding requirements for a specific major to the programs’ academic department.

The NC State College of Engineering designed these Baccalaureate Degree Plans to allow students to complete their BS degree in two years or slightly longer, depending on the major. Due to NC State course offerings and prerequisites, some BDPs include part-time semester course loads. In order to maintain full-time status, students in these majors may wish to consider a minor or double major. Please consult your advisor and the NC State College of Engineering to discuss your academic plan.