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Author: Undergraduate Admissions

Sep 9, 2021

Meet Our Incoming Transfer Class

This fall, we welcomed 1,388 transfer students to NC State. 

Copper Wolf Statue

Jan 20, 2021

What Does “Deferred for Final Review” Mean?

Now that you’ve received your admission decision that you are deferred until final review, you may have a few questions. What’s next? How do I stand out? When will I get my final decision? We’ve provided answers to all of these questions below to help you navigate your next steps. Admission to NC State is highly… 

Mar 20, 2020

Information for Applicants Admitted for Spring Connect

Admission to NC State is highly selective. We received over 31,000 applications by the final application deadline for the 4,775 spaces available in the Fall 2020 freshman class. As a result of the large number of highly qualified applicants and given NC State’s commitment to college access and student success, we have chosen to admit a select… 

May 17, 2019

Fall 2020 Application Updates

The NC State Office of Undergraduate Admissions is excited to announce two significant changes to our 2020 admissions process that will provide greater access to future applicants. Starting with the upcoming 2020 application season, NC State’s early action deadline will be November 1 for first-year applicants. We will also accept self-reported test scores for all domestic applicants.… 

Feb 26, 2018

A Message from the Admissions Office

NC State requires both applicants and admitted students to honestly disclose school discipline. We review each school disciplinary record on a case by case basis and within context. Our interest in school discipline is to try and ensure a safe NC State community that values academic integrity. Peaceful protests by high school students who seek to find… 

Video Series

Jan 19, 2018

Video Series: Information Regarding Early Action Decisions

This video provides information regarding our decisions for our early action applicants and the importance of submitting mid-year grades to colleges and universities for those students still awaiting a final decision. 

Jan 17, 2018

Advice for Deferred and Denied Students

During our review process, we defer a large number of applicants who have strong academic credentials that are not competitive enough to be admitted early. These students may benefit from the opportunity to provide mid-year grades and additional test scores. To be considered in our final review, mid-year grades and test scores must be received… 

Jan 17, 2018

Information Regarding Admitted Students

Congratulations to your admitted students! They can connect with our office and other admitted students on social media by using #IChoseNCState. We encourage all admitted students to apply for scholarships through PackASSIST and submit their Housing application as soon as they receive their acceptance. The New Student Checklist is the best resource for students regarding… 

On my way to NC State

Dec 13, 2017

Spring 2018 Admission Decisions

The undergraduate admissions office received over 1,130 transfer applications for Spring 2018. On Friday, November 10th (a few weeks before the Dec. 1st notification date) the admissions office released over 850 admissions decisions to transfer applicants applying for Spring. Given that these applicants have such a tight turn around to make financial aid and housing… 

Transfer Advisory Board

Dec 13, 2017

Transfer Admissions Advisory Board

On December 1st, the NC State Transfer Admissions Advisory Board held their fall meeting on NC State’s main campus. The admissions advisory board is a group of twenty North Carolina community college personnel representing fourteen institutions across the system.  The board will advise the Office of Admissions on various issues related to the college admission process, student…