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Transfer Advisors

Jan 26, 2023

Information for Transfer Applicants: Request for Current Grades

A portion of transfer applicants are asked to submit their current grades before receiving a final decision. Students should submit their current grades from the spring 2022 term within two weeks of being requested to submit current grades. 


Jan 26, 2023

Information for Transfer Students Pending Spring Grades

We receive many qualified applications for admission to NC State. The majority of fall 2023 transfer applicants will receive a final decision of admit or deny by April 15, but a portion of applicants may be asked to submit their spring grades before the University makes a final decision. If you are a transfer student and… 

On my way to NC State

Jan 10, 2023

Transfer Visit Requests

We're excited to offer a variety of virtual visit options to best accommodate you and your students. 

Aug 11, 2022

Admission Updates for 2023 Applicants

To maintain our commitment to access for all students and continue to cultivate a diverse and inclusive community at NC State, we’ve made a few updates to our application process. 

Mar 30, 2022

What does it mean to be on the waitlist as a transfer applicant?

Admission to NC State is highly selective. Students placed on the waitlist are those we believe could be successful at NC State if space becomes available. Learn more about being on the waitlist here. 

Sep 9, 2021

Meet Our Incoming Transfer Class

This fall, we welcomed 1,388 transfer students to NC State. 

Mar 16, 2021

Transfer Student Resources

Learn what it takes to be a competitive transfer applicant at NC State. 

Students on Laptops

Sep 1, 2020

Transfer Application Process Tips

Competitive transfer applicants should have at least 30 transferable college credit hours completed, or in progress, including specific coursework and a competitive GPA for the major they are applying for. Meeting the recommendations does not guarantee admission, but sets a student up to be considered a competitive applicant in the review process. Students can review… 

NC State Banner

Apr 10, 2020

Next Steps for Pending and Denied Applicants

Due to the competition of our applicant pool, we unfortunately were not able to admit all the well-qualified students who applied. Read below for more information on Pending Midterm Grades, Pending Spring Grades and Denied. Pending Midterm Grades Students who received a decision of Pending Midterm Grades, we would like to provide them with the… 

Students at Talley Student Union

Apr 10, 2020

Fall 2020 Transfer Admission Statistics

Congratulations to your admitted students! Encourage your students to connect with NC State and other admitted students on social media by using #IChoseNCState. Students must confirm their enrollment by May 1, or within 10 days of their acceptance if received after the deadline. Students should respond to our offer of admission by logging into their wolfPAW…