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Next Steps for Pending and Denied Applicants

Due to the competition of our applicant pool, we unfortunately were not able to admit all the well-qualified students who applied. Read below for more information on Pending Midterm Grades, Pending Spring Grades and Denied.

Pending Midterm Grades

Students who received a decision of Pending Midterm Grades, we would like to provide them with the opportunity to submit additional academic information before making a final decision. They should upload their midterm grades on their wolfPAW account by April 24 to receive a decision by May 15. An official transcript is not required. We encourage students to upload all your midterm grades in one document. If they are unable to submit your grades through wolfPAW, you may email our office at

Pending Spring Grades

If you’ve been asked to send in your spring grades, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to submit additional academic information before making a final decision. You should contact your current institution to have your official final transcript with spring grades included sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by June 1. You can check your wolfPAW account to see when your transcript has been received and processed. Please allow up to two weeks from the time your transcript is sent. Your official final transcripts must be received by June 1 to receive a final admission decision by June 15.

Information for Denied Applicants

Unfortunately, some students will not be considered competitive for this incoming class. If students are denied, we encourage them to review our recommendations for competitive applicants here and apply for their intended major in the future when the application becomes available.

If students have questions about their decision they may schedule a virtual appointment to speak with an admissions officer.