Admissions Profile

As high school seniors and college transfer students prepare for admission to NC State, they may find it helpful to see how they compare to the current student body and previous freshman classes. The following resources provide fast facts for students as they transition their studies to NC State.

First Year Facts

Our First Year Facts document is based on information compiled from first-year students enrolled at NC State for Fall 2016.

Transfer Facts

Our Transfer Facts document is based on information compiled from transfer students enrolled at NC State for Fall 2016.

Final Fall Admission Status Report

NC State’s University Planning and Analysis collects data on the number of freshman and transfer students who apply, are admitted, and enroll each year. This information is available for both undergraduate and graduate students and is broken down by specific majors.

Student Statistics

Student Statistics provides student enrollment details from 2008 through 2012. Information includes average SAT scores for rising freshmen, graduation rates, and a breakdown of enrollment by on-campus students as well as students pursuing distance education.