Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve provided the answers to some of the most common questions we receive below.

Application and Missing Items

After submitting your application to NC State, you should receive an email with information regarding your applicant portal, wolfPAW, in the next 14 days. Your wolfPAW account is where you can view your application status, missing items and your final admissions decision.

You can view the missing items on your wolfPAW account. Missing items on your wolfPAW account take time to be processed in our system, so give your missing items a couple of weeks to see if they are cleared on your account. If after two weeks your wolfPAW is still notifying you of missing items, call our office and an admissions representative will help you locate your items.

If you need to update or add items to your application after it has been submitted, you can upload the information to your wolfPAW account or email our office at

We are unable to accept official transcripts through fax or attached to an email.

Transcripts should be submitted by your school counselor through The Common Application or the Coalition Application. We will only accept official transcripts – transcripts still in unopened envelopes that were sealed by the issuing institution or sent electronically via a recognized transcript delivery service such as Naviance/Docufide, Scrip-Safe, Avow, National Student Clearinghouse.

When ordering via National Student Clearinghouse, make sure to select North Carolina State University for the recipient school, do not order by only using email address.

Students at participating public high schools in North Carolina can request that their final high school transcript sent through CFNC.

Transcripts sent electronically need to be sent to (National Student Clearinghouse users should select North Carolina State University, do not order by only using email address).

Transcripts sent by mail should be addressed to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
NC State University
Campus Box 7103
Raleigh NC, 27695-7103

Arranging for records/transcripts to be sent to NC State is the responsibility of the applicant and not NC State.

Your transcripts are confidential, and your school will only send a transcript if the request comes from the student.

Students who are sending documents by courier should address them to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
NC State University
10 Watauga Club Drive
121 Peele Hall
Raleigh, NC 27607

Once your application and fee have been submitted, it takes a few days for your application to be downloaded by NC State. You will receive an email confirming we have received your application and a link to check your status and view missing items within two weeks. We would also encourage you to keep a close eye on your spam folder for an email from during this time period, as it is possible for our emails to end up there.

Additionally, it takes about two weeks to process all your documents. Your application may say it is incomplete due to a missing transcript – it typically takes at least a week to be processed, evaluated and entered into the system.

To apply for summer, you will need to select your entry term as fall and email us at to request your application be updated to summer entry. We will then consider you for entry for Summer Session II which begins at the end of June.

Major Change

If you have not received an admission decision, you can request to change your major by emailing our office at from the email account that you applied to NC State with. Once updated, the change will be reflected on your wolfPAW account. The deadline to submit a major change for Early Action applicants is November 15.

If you have received an admission decision, we will consider your major change request but it will not have an effect on your current admission decision. If you are admitted, we will review your requested major on a space available basis. You will need to submit your major change request by emailing our office by the following deadlines:

  • Fall Admission: June 1
  • Spring Admission: July 1

Test Scores

Any scores we have received for you by the time we read your application will be considered. We cannot guarantee test scores received after the materials deadline you apply by will be considered in your admissions review process.

Early Action Deadline

  • October SAT – Scores will be received in time for the early action deadline. If you were originally scheduled to take the SAT in October and it was rescheduled, we cannot guarantee these scores will be received in time for consideration.
  • October ACT – We cannot guarantee scores from this test date will be received in time for consideration if you apply by the early action deadline. We will consider any scores we have on file at the time your application is reviewed.

Regular Decision Deadline

  • The December SAT and ACT are the last test dates we will be able to consider for our Regular Decision deadline.

What are the test codes for NC State?

  • SAT Code: 5496
  • ACT Code: 3164

You should self-report your test scores on your application. After you have applied, any additional test scores can be added on your wolfPAW account. We will not accept standardized test scores on your high school transcript. If you ultimately enroll at NC State, official SAT or ACT test scores will be required and should be sent directly from the testing agency. SAT Essay or ACT Writing scores are not required.

Course Selection/Schedule Change

Our office doesn’t offer advice on proposed schedule changes. If you are considering a schedule change, we would urge you to discuss it with your school counselor to consider the impact of the change and to ensure you will still meet the UNC System Minimum Course Requirements (MCR).

We also encourage all students to enroll in a challenging curriculum throughout high school. If a student has been admitted to the University in their senior year or is awaiting a final decision, we still expect ALL students to pursue and maintain the highest level of academic success. Students should be aware that we have the right to re-review, change or rescind a decision if it is determined that the student has not maintained the appropriate level of academic rigor or performed at the level of their academic ability throughout their senior year.

You can look at everything we consider in the application review process at:

When considering changes to your course schedule, we encourage you to speak to your advisor and review the recommended coursework for the academic program you are interested in.

If you make any changes to your course schedule, make sure to email us so we can update your application.


You can apply for residency at any time throughout your application process. You will need to include your Residency Classification Number (RCN) on your application or through your wolfPAW account after applying.

You will be considered out of state for tuition (billing) purposes until you receive a RCN that shows a validated in-state status. Your residency status is valid for 15 months.

You can find your RCN on your Residency Determination Service of North Carolina (RDS) account. To create your account or sign in, visit

If you have not received an admission decision, you can enter your RCN through your wolfPAW account. If you have an incorrect RCN on your wolfPAW account, email our office at

If you have already been admitted to NC State, follow the steps below to view/update your tuition classification.

  • Log in to your MyPackPortal and navigate to the section where your residency information is located:
    • Student homepage > Personal Information tile > Residency Information
  • From this screen, verify the RCN displayed is correct.
  • If it isn’t, re-enter it and click “Save RCN.” Once the RCN has been verified as correct, click “Request Residency Data” button to pull the latest information from RDS.
  • If the tuition residency reads as in-state and there is a Y next to Match and a Y next to Validated, the student will be paying in-state tuition.
  • If there is a N next to Match, it may mean the RCN on file with RDS does not match the information the student has provided. If there is a N next to Validated, RDS has not validated the in-state status yet, and it will be updated in the next few weeks.
  • If your expiration date is before the start of the fall semester, your residency status will show as out-of-state. You will need to complete the residency form again through RDS before the expiration date if you believe you should have in-state tuition status.

Undergraduate Admissions no longer makes any residency determinations. As of February 20, 2017, all undergraduate residency decisions are made by the Residency Determination Service of North Carolina (RDS).

For more information about the residency process and answers to some frequently asked questions, visit

University and Admissions Contacts

Complete our interest form at to receive personalized communication about NC State. We will contact you regarding upcoming application deadlines, events and when the admission application is available!

No appointment is required if you would like to meet with an admissions officer. We are available to meet with walk-ins at the Joyner Visitor Center, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Joyner Visitor Center
1210 Varsity Drive
Raleigh, NC 27606

All admissions officers are able to assist with any questions you may have. We do not have officers assigned to specific regions or schools. You can email us with any questions at and one of our admissions officers will get back to you as soon as possible.