It’s never too early to start preparing for your future - and we are here to help.

Prepare to Apply

Many factors go into choosing the right college for you. It’s never too early to start thinking about your future and creating a plan for success. We consider your academic record beginning with the ninth grade and encourage you to make the most of your time in high school by doing the following.

Identify your academic interests

The first step in choosing where to attend should be identifying schools that offer areas of interest to you. At NC State, we offer 100+ majors and minors in a wide variety of academic fields.

Explore your personal interests

Many times your personal and academic interests influence each other. With over 700+ organizations at NC State, see how you can continue to pursue all your passions.

Challenge yourself in the classroom

Schools offer a variety of curriculums, so as long as you meet the UNC minimum course requirements, we aren’t looking for specific courses. We encourage you to take challenging courses your school may offer. This may include, but is not limited to, Honors, AP, IB, and dual enrollment courses. Strong grades in these courses will not only strengthen your academic record but you may also receive course credit for them at NC State.

Take the SAT or ACT

For 2022 spring and fall applicants, submitting the SAT or ACT will be optional due to the limited testing opportunities caused by COVID-19. In the application process, if you feel your test scores are reflective of your academic ability, you can choose to submit them. If you do not have scores available or choose not to submit them, your application will not be negatively affected. Learn more about how test scores will be considered in admission decisions for 2022 applicants here.

For first-year students applying after 2022, you will be required to submit either the SAT or the ACT for consideration in the application review process. We look at your highest sub-score from each section across your test dates to create a super-score so we encourage you to take the test more than once and submit all your scores. Start practicing today for the SAT with Khan Academy or prep for the ACT online.

Get to know us

You won’t apply until your senior year in high school so before then take the time and get to know us. See what it takes to be a part of the NC State community and all that we have to offer you.

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