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Getting started on your application to NC State is easy, but how you apply depends on who you are — and where you’re coming from.

Common Application
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If you’re currently enrolled in high school, then you apply to NC State as a freshman applicant (also called a “first-year applicant”). The same is true if you’ve already graduated high school but have not yet taken any college courses.

At NC State, “freshman applicant” does not describe your credit standing; it just means you have never enrolled in college courses outside of high school. Both the Common Application and the Coalition Application use the term “freshman” for first-year applicants.

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If you’ve already begun your college education at a community college or another university, then you’re considered a transfer student when you apply to NC State. Don’t worry, you’re in good company: Around 20 percent of our current students studied elsewhere before making NC State their home.

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If you are a not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you should apply as an international student. To apply to NC State, you must have completed a program of study that would qualify you to attend university in your home country. International applicants can identify as either a freshman or transfer applicant as defined above.

NC State welcomes students from around the world, and we celebrate the perspectives they bring to our campus. If you have any questions, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has a dedicated team to help you.

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More Pathways

Not every potential Wolfpack student falls neatly into the three categories above. If you think your application may be a special case, explore these other possible routes to NC State.