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Submitting Final Materials

Students enrolling at NC State must submit the following materials.

Final Official Transcripts with Graduation Date

Students enrolling at NC State in August are required to submit official final transcripts with a graduation date by July 15. We will only accept official transcripts – transcripts still in unopened envelopes that were sealed by the issuing institution or sent electronically via a recognized transcript delivery service such as CFNC, Naviance/Docufide, Scrip-Safe, Avow, National Student Clearinghouse.

If you have challenges submitting transcripts through a transcript delivery service or being mailed to our office, we will accept final official transcripts sent by email to or Transcripts sent by email must come from the high school or school counseling office directly. We will not accept student copies of transcripts as official.

Verified Test Scores

Enrolling students who indicated they would like their test scores to be considered in the application review process must submit verified test scores by July 15. Official SAT (code #5496) or ACT (code #3164) test scores must be submitted directly from the testing agency. If students sent an official score previously but their self-reported score was the highest score and was considered in the admission decision, the student will need to provide an official score that matches the self-reported score.

Students can check their wolfPAW account to see if we have their official test scores on file.