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Information for Applicants Admitted for Spring Connect

As a result of the large number of highly qualified applicants and given NC State’s commitment to college access and student success, we have chosen to admit a select number of applicants to enroll for the spring semester beginning in January 2024. Due to limited space in the fall class, we are offering spring admission to students who we feel will be impactful contributors to our campus.

Interested in learning about the program from a current Spring Connect student? We sat down with London Tolson, an NC State student who enrolled in January 2019, to hear about her experience as an NC State Spring Connect student.

I was admitted for the spring semester. What next?

View the Spring Connect Timeline and New Student Checklist to get an idea of what the transition timeline looks like from the time you confirm your enrollment until you would start classes at NC State in January 2024. The checklist also provides resources and transition program opportunities! Your plans for the fall semester are up to you, as you will not start classes at NC State until January.

Your first step is to confirm your intent to enroll at NC State on your wolfPAW account by June 1. After confirming your spring enrollment, if you choose to attend another institution for the fall semester before enrolling at NC State, you should notify us of your plans by submitting the form on your wolfPAW account. An official final transcript from the institution would be required by January 4, 2024.

If you are admitted for the spring 2024 semester, you cannot defer your enrollment to a future semester.

Can I request to enroll for the fall semester?

We received over 39,000 applications for the 5,500 spaces available in the fall 2023 first-year class. Your application has already been reviewed for fall admission, and due to space availability, we are unable to offer you fall admission at this time.

All admitted Spring Connect students are automatically added to our waitlist for the fall 2023 semester and considered again for admission in the fall if space becomes available. There is nothing you need to do to add yourself to the waitlist for fall. Accepting your offer of admission for the spring semester will not disqualify you from being considered for the fall semester should space become available.The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will contact you after May 1 if we can offer you a spot in the fall class.

It is important to note that requesting a major change or submitting additional information will not change your Spring Connect admit decision.

Why is there space for me in the spring and not the fall?

Each December, NC State graduates around 1,400 undergraduate students on average. As we continue to experience an extremely competitive applicant pool and strive to educate the students of North Carolina, we choose to admit a select group of students for the spring semester to fill the spaces created by December graduates. 

Do I have access to student facilities and opportunities during the fall semester?

Spring Connect students do not pay tuition or fees at NC State during the fall semester, so you will not have access to on-campus facilities, opportunities or student tickets for athletic events. 

You will receive communications over the next few months about opportunities and resources to connect you with other Spring Connect students and provide academic support to ensure your success for the spring 2024 semester.

What should I do during the fall semester?

Your plans for the fall semester are up to you. If you want to get a head start on your college credits, we’d encourage you to consider your local NC Community College. Some students may choose to earn college credit, complete an internship, work, volunteer, travel or participate in a personal enrichment opportunity.

If I want to take college courses in the fall, where should I enroll?

Your local community college can help you build a strong foundation for your success at NC State. You should notify us of your plans by July 15 through your wolfPAW account and submit an official final college transcript by January 4, 2024. 

You should contact the NC State academic college (found on your acceptance letter) for advising on course selection prior to registration at another institution. View our transfer course credit database to help plan your schedule.

You are not eligible to enroll as a non-degree seeking student at NC State for the fall semester.

Can I work this fall instead of going to another college?

We do not require that you attend another college this fall. We expect that many students will choose to do internships or work before they attend NC State in the spring. Some students will also choose other personal enrichment opportunities such as traveling or volunteering. You should notify us of your plans by submitting the form on your wolfPAW account.

Can Spring Connect students live on campus?

Students are required to live on campus for their first year. Spring Connect students are strongly encouraged to apply in the fall to live on campus beginning in the spring 2024 semester. On-campus assignments will be made based on space availability in late fall. University Housing will provide more information related to on-campus housing in the coming months, including details on applying for housing.

We encourage you to contact University Housing if you have additional questions or want to see if you can be exempt from living on campus.

When do I need to submit my transcripts?

Your official final high school transcript needs to be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by July 15. If you attend another institution in the fall 2023 semester, you will need to submit an official final transcript by January 4, 2024.

If I enroll in Spring Connect what can I expect the transition experience to be?

We want to ensure your transition to NC State is as smooth as possible. Learn more about important dates and deadlines, advising and course registration, and optional transition programs offered to Spring Connect students at

If I decline enrollment for the spring semester but would like to attend NC State in the future, what should I do?

We are confident you will have a successful educational future and encourage you to keep us in mind for transfer admission. About 20 percent of NC State graduates each year started their college coursework at another college or university. Learn more about our transfer admission process and what it takes to be a competitive applicant at

I would like to meet with an admissions counselor.

We are readily available by phone (919-515-2434) or email Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET. If you are interested in meeting with a member of our staff individually, we have admissions officers available at the Joyner Visitor Center and Talley Student Union in the Campus Visits Office.

How can I visit campus?

As an admitted Spring Connect student, we understand the importance of you being able to experience campus before deciding where to enroll. We invite you to join us on campus on Saturday, April 15 for Experience NC State. This event for admitted Spring Connect students will provide you the opportunity to learn what life is like as a part of the Wolfpack in addition to learning more about our Spring Connect program.

Admitted Spring Connect students can register for Experience NC State through their wolfPAW account.