Living and Learning Village: Women of Welch

WOW, Women of Welch is one of the University’s newest Living and Learning Villages.  Created during the 2010-2011 school year, WOW was designed to enhance women’s leadership outside the classroom through leadership development, empowerment, support and education.

Events in WOW are led by mentors and resident advisers.  These events often focus on social justice, diversity and self-awareness.  Some of the topics that have been addressed include human trafficking, healthy relationships, privilege, and body image.  WOW students have the option to participate in Women’s and Gender Studies 200, a women’s fall retreat, Women’s Center events and various community service projects.

First-hand student experiences:

“WOW has opened my eyes to the types of prejudices, inequalities, and privileges that exist. Overall, it’s been a fun experience because of the diversity of the girls involved and the people who participate in it.” – Samantha

“Crucial Conversations really opened my eyes to the issues currently occurring in the world. Joining WOW and being given amazing opportunities such as meeting Melissa Harris-Perry is one of the best parts of my freshmen experience.” – Ann

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