Next Steps for Waitlisted or Denied Students

Student in Hunt Library

Information for Waitlisted Applicants

Due to the competition of our applicant pool, we unfortunately were not able to admit all the well-qualified students who applied. These students should indicate their interest in remaining on the waitlist through their wolfPAW account. At this time, we suggest students on the waitlist make plans to enroll at another institution. If we can offer admission for fall 2021, we will notify students by June 15.

It is difficult to anticipate how many students we will be able to admit from the waitlist. Each year is dependent upon space availability in the fall class. While in 2020 we admitted 5% of students from the waitlist, in 2019 we were only able to admit less than 1%. Requesting a major change or providing updated information will not change a student’s current status. 

To see the full list of frequently asked questions regarding the waitlist, visit

Information for Denied Applicants 

Unfortunately, some students will not be considered competitive for this incoming class. If students are denied, we encourage them to consider applying in the future as a transfer student. It is important to note that 1 in 5 NC State graduates started their academic career somewhere else. Students attending North Carolina Community Colleges can use the following Baccalaureate Degree Plans to identify North Carolina Community College courses that provide pathways leading to associate degree completion, admission into a major and baccalaureate completion at NC State.