Information for Transfer Students Pending for Spring Grades


Admission to NC State is highly selective. The majority of Fall 2019 transfer applicants will receive a final decision of admit or deny by April 15, but a portion of applicants may be asked to submit their spring grades before the University makes a final decision. Read below for more information about a pending decision.

What does it mean if I have been asked to send in my spring grades before receiving a final decision?

If you’ve been asked to send in your spring grades, this is not a negative admissions decision. We encourage you to review our recommendations for competitive transfer applicants. If you are currently completing the recommended courses or credit hours for your major of interest, we review your spring grades before making a final admissions decision. Students will need to provide their spring transcript by June 1 and final decisions will be released by June 15.

What are my chances of being admitted once I provide my spring grades?

It is difficult to predict how many applicants we will be able to accept after receiving spring grades. Admission will depend on your academic credentials, the credentials of the other applicants and space availability.

What, if anything, can I do to improve my chances of being accepted now?

Only your transcript showing your spring grades is needed. Letters of recommendation, evaluative interviews and meeting with admissions staff members are not required or recommended.

If I update or change the major on my application will I hear back before June 15?

Requesting a major change or providing updated information will not change your current status. We will review all applicants and their spring grades and release decisions by June 15.

What can I do if I am ultimately not offered acceptance but want to attend NC State in the future?

We are confident you will have a successful educational future and encourage you to consider applying for a future semester. Our admissions staff is available to discuss your next steps and plan your path to NC State. You can email us at, call us at 919-515-2434, or walk-in to our Transfer Admissions Center to speak with an admissions officer.

Transfer Admissions Center
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Location: Joyner Visitor Center, 1210 Varsity Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606