Advice for Deferred and Denied Students

During our review process, we defer a large number of applicants who have strong academic credentials that are not competitive enough to be admitted early. These students may benefit from the opportunity to provide mid-year grades and additional test scores.

To be considered in our final review, mid-year grades and test scores must be received by early March. We encourage you to submit your student’s mid-year grades via Common App or the Coalition Application. Students can check their wolfPAW account to confirm which standardized test scores have been received by our office.

We will review deferred students again during our final round and release admission decisions on March 30. If we are unable to accept a student into their first choice major, we will automatically consider them for their second choice. If a deferred applicant would like to be considered for a different major, they will need to send a request in writing to This will not have an effect on their current decision but will be the major we consider them for during our final review.

To see a list of frequently asked questions regarding the deferral process, visit

Students who are denied should pursue other options. Those who wish to ultimately attend NC State should consider applying as a transfer student, after completing 30 semester hours of transferable college coursework at another two-year or four-year institution. In recent years, about 20% of new enrolling students are transfers. Information regarding applying as a transfer student can be found on our website.

6 responses on “Advice for Deferred and Denied Students

  1. Donna Siler says:

    How can a deferred student find out what was lacking in their application?

    1. Natalie McCook says:

      If you have questions regarding your decision you can email our office at or call us at 919-515-2434 to speak to an admissions counselor.

  2. D. Elliott says:

    Applied early and have not received a decision.

    1. Natalie McCook says:

      Please email us at with the applicant’s name and email address so we can look into it. Thanks.

  3. Jordan Murphy says:

    I would like to change my major. Should I submit an essay on why I have made that decision or why I am choosing the major?

    Thank you

    1. Natalie McCook says:

      You can email us at to request a major change and include that information in your email along with your name and date of birth. Thanks.