Freshman applicants will be asked to choose their first and second preference for a major, or they may remain undeclared in the program of their choice. Review a comprehensive list of NC State majors.

Undecided freshman applicants may select First Year College. These students can explore their options before declaring a major their sophomore year. (First Year College only admits new students in the fall semester.)

Students who plan to follow their undergraduate degree with an advanced degree (ie: medical, dental, veterinary or law degree) may select a major in Sciences and then choose to work with a Pre-professional Program adviser to target their coursework once they’re on campus.

Please note: The College of Design only admits students in the fall semester. To be considered, applicants much choose the College of Design as their first choice of a major.

The following guidelines apply to transfer applicants:

  • Students must declare a major within their preferred college.
  • During their first year, transfer students may not change their curriculum and can take only courses that satisfy the University’s Progress Toward Degree requirements for that curriculum.
  • Students accepted in one degree program who later want to change majors are subject to Change of Degree Audit (CODA) on-campus transfer requirements, which are no less rigorous than the off-campus transfer requirements.

Please note: First year College and Elementary Education are not available for transfer students.